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About Simone

Simone has postdoctoral degree from Brown University (2013) and the State University of Campinas (2006). She has PhD in Systems Engineering and Computer Science by COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2002) with a doctorate-sandwich period at Université Joseph Fourier (2000). Master's degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science at COPPE, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1998) and B.Sc. in Mathematics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1994). Since 2006, she holds the position of associate professor at the Federal Fluminense University. She is accredited professor at the Postgraduate program of the Mathematics Institute (since 2010), where she is founder and leader of the Combinatorial area, since its creation in 2015. Recognized leadership in the area by the Brazilian research agencies: FAPERJ Cientista do Nosso Estado (Scientist of the Our State fellow), from 2018 to 2021; FAPERJ Jovem Cientista do Nosso estado (Young Scientist of Our State) from 2011 to 2015; and CNPq PQ research fellow since 2008 and Level 1D since 2013. She has a history of international collaborations with research institutions of excellence, and coordination of projects supported by CAPES (PrInt, Math AmSud, DAAD and PVE), CNPq and FAPERJ. She works in the areas of Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics, Computer Science and Biomathematics, with emphasis on Graph Theory.

Her Story

Simone was born on September 9th, 1971 in a quiet neighborhood in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro.  The love and support of her parents were crucial to building the character and integrity of a born researcher.  It also brought about a passion for nature, plants and care for the planet.

In studies she always stood out, trying to do her best. At the University, she studied Mathematics at UFRJ. Here are some precious moments of her academic life so far.

Simone started working in the optimization area where she obtained important results and soon after started working in the area of ​​Combinatorics and Graph Theory. Among her many contributions, we may cite her work in total colourings, in the solitaire clobber game, in the sandwich problem, and in domination and convexity problems. Her work has been achieved through her great capacity to collaborate with many researchers in Brazil and abroad (Germany, France, Italy, Canada and the United States) and to supervise students. 


Simone has been working on various projects involving the popularisation of Mathematics among students of different levels and trying to shorten the distance between Academy and public schools in Rio de Janeiro (Antena Brasileira de Matemática and MDA - Workshop Discrete Mathematics and Applications). She has also been working on an environmental educational project called IME-UFF-Recicla. 


Fraternity actions

During her career, Simone transformed the lives of several people, encouraging collaboration and group work.  Inspired by her actions, we invite everyone to participate in the Celebration of the 50 years of Simone,  contributing with any amount to the Fraternidade Sem Fronteiras.

Fraternidade Sem Fronteiras is a humanitarian aid organization, with national and international operations. They are in some of the poorest places on the planet, with hope and a deep desire to help end hunger and build a world of peace. Its mission is to experience and encourage the practice of fraternity, without ethnic, geographic or religious restrictions, primarily supporting children and young people in situations of vulnerability or social risk.




Banco do Brasil
Ag.: 5783-5 C/c. 26224-2

Banco do Itaú
Ag.: 0091 C/c. 53286-1

Banco Bradesco
Ag.: 3408-8 conta 22109-0

CNPJ 11.335.070/0001-17
IBAN (para transferências internacionais) BR0800000000057830000262242C1



Here is my contact. 

+55 21 26292058

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